Northwest Caucasus Under Market Economy (Reviews of the Socio-economic Development. Early and Late 20th Century)

V. N. Ratushnyak.,V. A. Kupman (Krasnodar: Traditsiya — 2007. — 264 p.)

The monograph explores the economy of Northwest Caucasus in the early 19th century and the late 20th and early 21st centuries. This is the first attempt to historically analyze the key features of the region's economic development in the conditions of the early 20th century capitalist production growth and return to market economy in the late 20th - early 21st centuries. The authors studied extensive factual material to reveal the patterns and specific features of formation of a market economy in the region on the way to the 'repeat' capitalism. The work highlights success and hardships faced by the region during the formation of a market economy and some prospects of the economy development at the present stage. The book is recommended to historians, economists, national economy experts, teachers, students and all who are interested in the region's past and present.