Nature management economics: ecological and economic prospects: textbook

N.E. Serditova. Tver: Tver State University, 2009. - 364 p.

The book describes two approaches used in the economics of natural resources and the environment. The first, traditional, approach employs the models and methods in the framework of the standard neoclassical economic theory. The other one, known as eco-economic, shows this problem from a different side. Instead of applying an economic concept to the environment, ecological economics place economic activities in the contest of biological and physical life support systems. The book reviews the possibilities of applying the maximum entropy production principle for macro analysis and modeling complicated open eco-economic systems operating under the conditions of limited resources. The work also describes peculiarities of the eco-economic and entropic approaches to the analysis of environmental concerns. It states that the speed of entropy production that depends on both human activities and environment reaction can serve as a base for a new national estimates system.

The book is intended for all who is interested in analysis and modeling of complicated natural and economic systems including students and graduate students of economics, geo-ecology and hydrometeorology.