1. General requirements

The information contained in final reports is necessary for the Foundation to monitor fulfillment of provisions of Grant agreement, to evaluate the project quality, and to adopt a decision on financing the rest of grant. General conditions of making report are regulated by the Grant agreement.

Reports are to be delivered in printed or electronic form. The report size should up to 60 000 symbols.

The report has to include the brief description of activity within the project, the assessment of long-run impact of the project results on the problem under consideration, and the outline of possible subsequent development of the project (beyond the period of financing by the Foundation). The supplement to the report has to include copies of publications, reference reports etc. related to the project.

2. The terms of reporting

Project reports have to be delivered by terms specified in the Grant agreement. In the case of deviation from the terms, the grant-recipient must inform the Foundation about expected delay.

3. The report

1. The title-page of report must contain the following information:

  • The project title

The grant number, the name of the program (economics, physics, IT)

  • The name of the project head
  • The grant period
  • The reporting period
  • Contact information

2. Brief summary of the work fulfilled during the period of report (a survey of results).

3. Detailed report (the sequence of items in this report can be changed, but all of them must be elucidated):

  • Goals and tasks of the project announced in the application and the degree of their completion;
  • Methods and approaches used in the work on the project;
  • Results obtained in the course of this work and the degree of their novelty;
  • The number of scientific publications prepared in the course of the work on the project (if there are no publications, the head of the project must present a detailed description of the obtained results);
  • Participation in scientific arrangements in the field of the project.

4. Possible perspectives of further development of the project, proposals concerning commercial applications of the project results (if applicable).

5. The budget of the project including besides expenditure items:

  • Enclosed copies of financial documents confirming purchases of equipment within the grant;
  • Detailed comments on each expenditure item