Project Evaluation Procedure

The Human Capital Foundation experts evaluate projects based exclusively on their content. The Foundation does not review applications, nor does it give recommendations on their improvement. Evaluation of grant seekers' proposals is aimed at efficient fund allocation and is an internal procedure. The Foundation staff and management seek to provide utterly unbiased assessments. Project assessors are prominent industry professionals, and cross-reviewing of projects by several independent experts minimizes the risk of accidental errors. Taking into account the number of received applications, projects are evaluated based on relative criteria, so rejection of funding requests does not at all mean that rejected projects are flawed by any absolute criteria. The Foundation's Board of Directors is a body that makes ultimate project financing decisions. Thus, the decision regarding every particular application shall be final for a given funding round (not excepting, however, the possibility of obtaining aid for resubmitted projects).

To avoid any misunderstanding, please note that no reviews are sent and no comments are provided to rejected grant seekers.  

Application evaluation

  • 1. The Foundation receives applications and screens them to ensure their accuracy (figure out if application forms are filled out correctly or if any required documents are missing etc.);
  • 2. Expert panel leaders review and distribute applications among the panel members;
  • 3. Field-specific experts (2 to 3 independent experts per application) closely study the proposals;
  • 4. Projects are priority ranked by expert panel leaders on the basis of expert assessments; panel leaders select projects to be funded;
  • 5. The Foundation's Board of Directors, jointly with expert panel leaders, approve projects for financing;
  • 6. After a proposal is approved for funding, an Agreement shall signed with the grant recipient and the first portion of the grant - 50% of the total amount - shall be paid out.

Leaders of three expert panels (representing three different scientific fields supported by the Foundation) play the key role in professional project evaluation. These persons shall be responsible for preliminary evaluation of field-specific projects. Following the primary application evaluation, each expert panel leader shall select a certain number of applications.

Then pre-selected applications shall be distributed among independent experts, and two independent expert assessments shall be made for every application.

Upon project completion, two independent expert assessments shall be made to figure out whether the research has been conducted as intended. Each approved project shall be assigned to a permanent expert who shall give one of the two final evaluations (the other evaluation shall be made by a different expert in the course of cross-reviewing).

Thus, expert team leaders first look through all applications and select those to be reviewed by experts, and then they study intermediate expert assessments and summative assessments of accomplished projects.

Individuals and groups (2 to 4 people) with extensive background in any of the Foundation's priority fields are eligible for grants.

For every funding round, applicants are allowed to submit one application only. Previously approved grant applications shall be accepted for consideration without any restrictions. Effective use of the previously awarded grants and good reasoning of further support are prerequisites for approval of applications of the kind. If the Human Capital Foundation has already awarded you a grant that expires in the current year, you can submit another proposal, which can be either a new project or continuation of the previous research.