Andrey P. Vavilov resigned as the Federation Council senator

17 March 2010 Andrey P. Vavilov resigned as the Federation Council senator for the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region for another job, a big cutting-edge technology project that requires much effort and time to be devoted to it. The project is in the area of superconductor technologies and is based on the research work carried out by the Human Capital foundation that had been established by Mr. Vavilov. Superconductivity is bound to play a highly important role in people's life in the 21st century which is comparable to the role semiconductors played in the 20th century. Taking into account the scope of the project, it would be hard to balance it with efficient work with the Federation Council. Mr. Vavilov hopes that once he has chosen this field he will be able to make a significant contribution in modernization and development of the Russian economy.
Mr. Vavilov has been the Federation Council senator for nearly eight years. As a member of the Budget Committee and Information Policy Committee, he took part in the drafting of a number of bills.
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