Information about the 2008/2009 application round

Dear grant applicants!

The foundation is pleased to announce 2008-2009 grant awards to support research projects in physics and information technology and monographs in economics.

Awarded projects in economics:

Supervisor Monograph
Nabieva A.R. International cooperation: The largest world cooperative organizations.
Serditova N.E. Economics of environmemtal engineering: the eco-economic perspective.
Krasinets E.S. Chinese Migration in Changing Russia.
Serov V.V. Extraordinary Budget of Byzantium in the 6th Century A.D.
Korovin Y.A. Nuclear energy - the basis of energy security in the future: techno-economic and socio-political problems of energy development.

Awarded projects in physics:

Supervisor Monograph
Yasnikov I.S.  The experimental investigation of the possibility to change the superconducting transition point during nanostructuring of materials.
Buzjurkin A.E. Theoretical and experimental investigation of explosive loading of powders.
Dikansky Y.I. Effects of interaction of magnetic colloidal nanosystems with magnetic and electrical fields.
Neustroev V.S. Development of the models and experimental testing of influence of swelling on creep of neutron irradiated austenitic steels used in nuclear reactor construction.
Danko S.A. The designing and fabrication of the X-ray spectral system for the investigation of the high current fast Z-pinches radiation dynamics.
Mitrofanov K.N. The experimental research of liners implosion from small Z substances for inertial confinement fusion.
Beznosov A.V.  Tribology rubbing pairs in high-temperature liquid metals.

Awarded projects in information technology:

Supervisor Monograph
Yakubenko A.A. Image-based 3D Urban Modeling.
Zagoruyko N.G. The program environment for designing programs of recognition, based on use of Function of Rival Similarity (FRiS-functions).
Mekler A.A. Development of Adaptive Classification Methods of Time Series as Applied to Detect The Motor System Pathologies in Man.
Kazakov A.Y. Generation of the entangled states and theirs application in the quantum  communications.
Yashkov S.F. Probabilistic Models of Scheduling Algorithms in Computers.
Leoukhin A.N.  The synthesis theory for discrete phase-coded sequences with the one level periodic autocorrelation sidelobes.
Persiantsev I.G. Development and use of neural network based adaptive algorithms to solve the problems of identification and determination of concentrations of salts in multi-component water solution by Raman scattering spectra.

Our foundation supports the following young researchers' information technology projects:

Supervisor Monograph
Velizhev A.B. Segmentation of laser scanning data
Savostyanov D.V. Tensor methods for signal and image analysis
D'yakonov A.G. Algebra over data mining algorithms to solve applied problems