Information about the 2007/2008 application round

Dear grant applicants!


1. The foundation is pleased to announce 2007-2008 grant awards to support research projects in physics and information technology and monographs in economics.

Awarded projects in economics:



Vladimir Yevdokimovich Rubanik

Property and law of property: a history of economic, legal, philosophic and sociological approaches.

Madina Oktamovna Turaeva

Russia's economic interests in Tajikistan: risks and possibilities.

Victor Filippovich Tsybulsky

Power engineering: the 21st century problem.

Elena Yurievna Shutkova

Russian managers' yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Vasily Romanovich Okorokov

A comparative analysis of the national innovational systems.

Mikhail Konstantinovich Shishkov

Territorial arrangement in Russia: problems and prospects.


Awarded projects in physics:



Victor Ivanovich Krinichny

Impact of nano additives on photonics of fullerene-modified conductive polymers.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ivanov

Water-to-water channel energy reactor without an inter-channel moderator and continuous refueling with nuclear steam superheating.

Georgy Ivanovich Dolgachev

Study of external magnetic field implications on plasma dynamics in plasma current breakers.

Alexander Nikolaevich Pavlenko

Study of mechanisms and dynamics of decay of dripping fluid layers under highly intensive heat surges.

German Abramovich Shneerson

Quasi-unpowered magnet systems. Design, creation and investigation of a one-layer model.

Vera Mikhailovna Romanova

Research into distribution of solid and conductive substances in a discharge filament under influence of high-capacity nano-second current impulses on micron-size wires.

Vadim Yaroslavovich Pokrovsky

Quasi-one-dimensional conductors with charge firmness waves as electromechanical energy transformers.


Awarded projects in information technology:



Vladimir Borisovich Berikov

Building of optimal-difficulty Bayes' probability models for pattern recognition and forecasts.

Valery Vladimirovich Fomin

Automated analysis and search of geo-images. Semantic positioning on the map.

Georgy Yevgenievich Stolyarenko

Development of an apt intellect system to control software and hardware for early eye's fundus pathology diagnostics.

Aida Faritovna Gainutdinova

Analysis of classical and quantum computing models.

Oleg Anatolievich Chepelev

Use of automated selective data correction for creating relief digital models based on Earth distance probing.

Sergey Viktorovich Siparov

Analysis of cosmic maser signals modulated by gravitation and wave radiation of tight double star systems.

Igor Leonidovich Vasiliev

Combinatory optimization in cluster analysis techniques for image processing.


Our foundation supports the following young researchers' information technology projects:



Dmitry Borisovich Volegov

Reconstruction of 3D models based on several images.

Igor Vasilievich Kayukov

New techniques of data transfer system adaptation.

Andrey Viktorovich Yegorov

Development of quantum-mechanical computing of time-average physical characteristics of molecular systems based on re-computing of data obtained from classical computer modeling.