Information about the 2005/2006 application round

Dear grant applicants!

The foundation is pleased to announce 2005-2006 grant awards to support research projects in physics and information technology and monographs in economics.

Awarded projects in economics



N. P. Ryzhova, N. L. Simutina

Formation of the cross-border market: causes and consequences.

S. V. Ryazantsev

International migrant labor in Russia and CIS states: trends and approaches to control.

A. M. Kiseleva

Territorial public administration as a form of local community self-governance.

A. A. Razumov, M. A. Yagodkina

Poverty in modern Russia.

R. M. Mukhametshin, M. Z. Khabibullin

Economic foundations of Islamic communities' existence in Russia: searching for ways of survival and financial resource determination.

M. F. Tkachenko

International migration of female workforce from Russia: the illegal aspect.


Awarded projects in information technology



Aleksei Gennadievich Vostretsov

Signal recognition at channel outputs with fades under the conditions of prior uncertainty of characteristics of wanted signal, channels and undesired signals.

Nikolay Ivanovich Chervyakov

Modular neuron processor for digital treatment of signals.

Aleksey Abramovich Korotkin

Use of self-oscillating neuron networks with delayed tasks of textured pattern processing.

Igor Alekseevich Pestunov

Efficient methods and algorithms of automated classification for themed processing of multispectral aerospace patterns under the conditions of insufficient prior information.

Andrey Leonidovich Ronzhin

Development of methods of voice access to help systems.

Victor Nikolaevich Kasianov

Development of algorithms and a set of intellectual applications for studying regulatory processes and control systems on the genetic level.


Awarded projects in physics



Nikolay Borisovich Volkov

Speculative investigation into non-linear mechanisms of energy transformation in plasma-like medias under ultra-short impulses of strong electronic and laser radiation.

Vitaly Andreevich Trunov

Structural study of mechanisms of hydrogen storage in metal-oxide storage facilities using neutron dispersion methods.

Boris Petrovich Mikhailov

Development of physical principles and new technology of raising operational characteristics of the second-generation electric conductors based on high-temperature superconducting materials.

Nikolay Semenovich Sochugov

Thin-layer firm-oxide anode-based fuel elements.

Alexander Viktorovich Beznosov

Heat exchange and hydrodynamics of flowing molten metals not dampening restricting surfaces.

Oleg Borisovich Duginov

Computing of residual power release in radioactive waste storages.


The foundation supports the following project representing a separate nomination:



Alexander Leonidovich Voskresensky

Semantic search toolkit


All grant applicants will be informed of the grant awards via e-mail.