Dear grant applicants of the 2003-2004 application round!

Dear grant winners 2003-2004!

Project funding will be completed after the Board of Directors approve of the final reports on December 25, 2004.

Dear grant applicants!

The foundation is pleased to announce grant awards to support research projects in physics, information technology and economics.




Nikolay Sergeevich Babich

Juvenile employment: economic, sociological and legal analysis of the phenomenon.

Sergey Viktorovich Kiselev

The Russian economy and WTO membership.

Valery Nikolaevich Ratushnyak

Socio-economic development of Northwest Caucasus under market economy. The early 20th century and the road to the new millennium.

Sergey Yurievich Roschin

Economic behavior of Russian households.


Information technology



Oleg Yevgenievich Trofimov

Algorithms of tomographic reconstruction of objects gleamed from one side.

Mikhail Mikhailovich Langhe

Development of schemes for structural data presentation and quick search of nearest standards for recognition of two-dimensional geometrical shapes.

Igor Semenovich Gruzman

Development of noise signal-resistant methods of object recognition with projected image distortions.

Nikolay Gavrilovich Fedotov

Theory of pattern recognition signs and preliminary processing and automated generation and sign extraction systems based on stochastic geometry.

Vasily Nikolaevich Vasyukov

Pattern and voice analysis and recognition based on hierarchal statistical models.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Shuvalov

Development, implementation and experimental approbation of an ultra-speed algorithm of integration by means of modeling for light spread through high dispersing objects in a diffusive optical tomograph.





Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ivanov

Economical, high-safety channel water-to-water power reactor with water under pressure.

Sergey Aleksandrovich Isaev

Quantitative modeling of windspout intensification of turbulent heat exchange on curvilinear surfaces covered with ordered concavities.

Sergey Mironovich Korobeinikov

Raising of pulsing electrical firmness of water.

Victor Igorevich Ilgisonis

A study of conditions and characteristic features of development of instabilities and turbulent transfer in spinning magnetized plasma.

Yuri Glebovich Metlin

Compositional ceramic membranes with mixed electronic and ionic conduction for devices to transform chemical energy into electrical.

Alexander Yurievich Goltsov

Experimental, quantitative and speculative investigations into creation of sources of coherent short-wave radiation under the conditions of strong laser beams and loose medias interaction.

Oleg Petrovich Kovalev

Physical modeling of combined solar water-heating systems for heat supply.

Oleg Aleksandrovich Kabov

Refrigeration of high heat-emitting systems by means of thin and ultra thin fluid layers.