Mission and targets

Human Capital Foundation is a London-headquartered international charitable organization incorporated by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales April 3, 2003.

Andrey Vavilov is the Foundation founder.

Human Capital Foundation mission is to stimulate Russia's economic growth through support to Russian researchers and small technology-intensive businesses. The Foundation maintains the best charitable traditions helping spread and utilize scientific knowledge of utmost significance to today's Russia.

The Foundation continually strives to provide enhanced research opportunities. One of the underlying principles of our work is addressing grant seekers' needs: the Foundation issues grants to Russian research organizations and individuals that carry out particular tasks - either to fully cover the project-related expenses or to provide funds for completion of a certain project. One of the Foundation's objectives is to support the further advancement of the projects funded.

The Foundation backs proposals in the field of high-technology research and promotes innovative ideas and plans of Russian scholars and practitioners.

Publication of the results of the Foundation-funded research (compulsorily in Russian editions) is a condition for obtaining a grant from the Foundation.

The Human Capital Foundation programs are competition-based. The Foundation holds annual funding rounds, sets project evaluation and examination procedures, arranges research project competitions, funds approved projects and monitors the use of allotted funds.

The Foundation has Expert Panels for each field of investigation; the Panels perform the consultative function. To ensure an unbiased evaluation of grant-seeking projects, the Expert Panel consists of independent experts. Grants are issued for projects approved by independent experts.

Under grant programs, the Human Capital Foundation supports centers for independent economic analysis in Russia and international research centers engaged in Russian economy problem management.

To maintain cultural exchange between educational establishments in Russia, Great Britain, the US, and other countries, the Foundation intends to issue education grants to Russian students encouraging them to enter the world's leading universities.