The Human Capital Foundation is an international, non-commercial, independent charity with headquarter located in London and regulated by Charity Commission of England and Wales.

It was established on April 3, 2003 by Dr. Andrey P. Vavilov with the purpose of restoring the best traditions of pre-revolutionary Russian patronage of art and science.

The key mission of the Human Capital Foundation is to contribute to modernization of Russia by creating favorable conditions for development of science and supporting high-technological businesses. The Foundation promotes by all means dissemination and utilization of scientific knowledge of high priority and value for modern Russia.

The activity of the Foundation is aimed at achieving optimal and effective ways of supporting the work of Russian scientists, on maintaining of the Russian fundamental science and raising its prestige. Besides that, the Foundation is engaged in promotion of practical implementation of sponsored projects.

To fulfill these tasks, the Human Capital Foundation selects the best research projects through open contests conducted on an annual basis. The contests are organized according to the transparent rules and procedures presented on the web-site of Human Capital Foundation. The Foundation conducts a qualified expertise of applications with the help of the best experts in corresponding fields. The Foundation provides financing of selected research projects and effectively controls the process of their implementation.

To ensure objective and unbiased assessment of applied projects, the Human Capital Foundation has established an Expert Council for each field of research. Currently, the Foundation is financing three spheres of research activity represented by economics, informational technologies and physics. Although the members of Expert Councils are absolutely independent in evaluation and decision making, the Foundation has clearly defined some priorities. For instance, the preferred projects in economics concern social-economic problems of practical importance for Russia and its regions. Priorities for projects in physics lie merely in energy problems.

The results of contests are published on the site of the Human Capital Foundation:

Management Board

The foundation is managed by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is the top managing body with exclusive competence for:

  • defining major directions of the Foundation's activity and approving charity programs;
  • financing under charity programs;
  • approving the Expert council;
  • approving of experts.

Prof. Nikolay Laletin I.
Doctor of Physics & Mathematics, professor, Chief Researcher of the Institute for Nuclear Reactor (NRI) of the Russian Research Center (RRC) "Kurchatov Institute"

Prof. Alexey Pomansky B.
Doctor of economics, professor, director of the Institute for Financial Studies.

Georgiy Trofimov Y. Ph. D.
Economics, the chief economist of the Institute for Financial Studies.

Anthony Smith
CBE MA, was President of Magdalen College, Oxford till 2005 and Director of the British Film Institute between 1979 and 1988.