1. The Human Capital Foundation supports independent centers of economic analysis engaged in perspective scientific research and education.

To provide support via 'institutional grants' for independent Russian think tanks most actively involved in economic policy research. Effectiveness of such institutions for the general public is determined by their ability to operate independently from government authorities and big business. Financial support from charitable organization is crucial for independence of economic think tanks especially in transition economies. Undoubtedly, support of international think tanks aimed at solving problems of Russian economy is desirable.

2. To facilitate cultural exchanges between Russia and educational establishments in England, USA and elsewhere. The Foundation intends to finance grants to Russian students getting education in the leading universities of the world.

3. Professor Charr in the New Economic School

The New Economic School (NES) is specialized in training of high-qualified economists in accordance with the modern world standards of economic education. The mission of this School contributes to the process of integration of Russia into the world economic community. The NES is the first high school in Russia that allows young people to receive, staying in Russia, master degrees in economics corresponding to high-level international standards of education. The NES provides serious fundamental academic training and development of practical skills necessary for making analytical work. Teaching in the NES is conducted in Russian and English language by the School-staff professors and by invited Russian and foreign professors in economics.

The Human Capital Foundation intends to assist the New Economic School in fulfilling its mission on the long-run basis. The Foundation has established the named professor position in corporate finance for the NES. The employment committee of the NES, consisting of the leading Russian and foreign economists, approves professors for this position on the annual basis. Candidates are selected on the world labor market under the necessary provision of holding PhD degree in economics being received in one of the best Universities of the world.