The Foundation supports scientific research.

1. Currently, innovative research projects cannot find sufficient financial support from charitable organizations in Russia. The resources and efforts of the Human Capital Foundation are therefore aimed at filling this niche.The Foundation is going to make regular grants to finance academic programmes both fundamental and applied that may contribute to the overall development of Russia. Through the grant competitions independent experts will determine the most promising proposals to be financed.

Under the programs of grants provision, the Foundation gives support to perspective research projects in three fields of research: economics, physics (energy), informational and computer technologies. The Foundation selects both fundamental and applied research projects in all these fields, giving priority to criteria of practical importance and innovative nature.

One of the provisions for granting financial support is the commitment by grant-recipients to open the results of their work to research community and general public by publishing in leading journals, participating in scientific conferences, seminars, etc. Publications in the leading Russian journals are especially welcome. At the same time, the Foundation does not consider these publications as the final output of its work. The prior task is to provide support to high-quality research activity of Russian scientists in the perspective fields.

2. It is the general policy of the Foundation to provide grants for Russian organizations and individuals, which will bring about the completion of single tasks, either by paying for projects in full or by providing sums, which will enable a given project to be completed. The Foundation may also support applied research and development projects at initial stages in the hi-tech area in order to close the existing gap between the scientifically developed idea and the final product the business may be interested in. In this way the Foundation will contribute to the technological development of Russia thus promoting the rising of the standards of living of Russian people.

3. To provide support via 'institutional grants' for independent Russian think tanks most actively involved in economic policy research. Effectiveness of such institutions for the general public is determined by their ability to operate independently from government authorities and big business. Financial support from charitable organization is crucial for independence of economic think tanks especially in transition economies. Undoubtedly, support of international think tanks aimed at solving problems of Russian economy is desirable.

4. To facilitate cultural exchanges between Russia and educational establishments in England, USA and elsewhere. The Foundation intends to finance grants to Russian students getting education in the leading universities of the world.